Meet our Dinosaurs

With 10 dinosaurs to choose from here is the amazing line up of dinosaurs for hire


Little AL the Allosaurus

Little AL is the biggest walking dinosaur in the UK and is a massive 7m long and 4m tall. Standing next to him will make you feel like a snack size meal. He walks, roars, blinks his eyes and you can not see the performers legs like our other costumes making him ultra realistic. 

Ronnie our 4 year old T.Rex

Our amazing T.Rex for hire is over 4m long and 2m tall. He really is amazing with Red glowing eyes, Roaring sounds, Opening mouth, Blinking eyes and amazing movement. He really makes you feel like your standing next to the real thing. Ronnie also has a few impressive feathers along the head shoulders and back.

Spike the 3 year old Spinosaurus

Spike is a Spinosaurus and is the biggest walking dinosaur for hire we have. He is 4.2m long and 2.1m tall inc his impressive spine. His eyes glow red, Tongue moves, mouth opens and closes, blinks and makes a load roar. With his stand out spine he is a real head turner.

Rita the full size Utahraptor

Rita is a 22 year old Utahraptor and is full size at 4.2m long. She has the most beautiful coloured feather plumage that is very striking but don't get too close or she may just strike at you. Very fast and agile she can run around and make the most amazing raptor noises.

Baby dinosaurs including Trixie the triceratops and Bradley the Brachiosaurus.

Both our baby dinosaurs are small and cute, Very realistic with open and closing mouths and blinking eyes the children love to cuddle them.

Nibbles and Susie our newly born hatchlings

Nibbles is a small raptor that hatches from an egg. After the hatch he comes to life with moving head and opening mouth. Truly an amazing dinosaur for hire. We also have Susie the Stegosaurus for the more nervous children.

Chip our 7 year old Deinonychus 

Chip is a Deinonychus one of the raptor family. He rests on the rangers shoulders and waggles his tail and moves around. His mouth opens and closes.

Percy the Parasaurolophus.

Percy is our remote controlled animatronic dinosaur. His head goes left and right, up and down and his mouth opens and closes. His tails and arms both move on request. He also has an ability to talk to guests and interacts with them.



All prices DO NOT include travel charges. These are worked out from milage from Swansea in South Wales

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