This is how we structure each hour long dinosaur school workshop:

  • Introduction from Ranger Chris and Ranger David.
  • Fun guess the dinosaur game with visual aids and props.
  • Fun Videos to teach the children about different dinosaurs.
  • Meet Trixie our baby triceratops.
  • Meet Chip our 7 year old Velociraptor.
  • Real fossils and the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Meet one of our 2 large walking dinosaurs.
  • Questions from the children.
  • Fun Dinosaur quiz 

Our amazing workshops are priced as follows and please click the link below to be directed to our booking website.

  • Single session £170
  • Double session £230
  • All day (4 sessions) £330

Use this link for more information.

So your school topic is dinosaurs then hire dino4hire to come to your school and teach the children all about the subject in this unique and engaging way.

Our Dinosaur school workshops are tailored for all foundation, key stage 1 and key stage 2 children.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the prehistoric world and we know how much children love the topic of dinosaurs. We work with the teachers and structure each visit differently. 

Our sessions last 1 hour and we try to include as much in the hour as possible without overloading their minds. 

We can adapt the workshops to suit any age and with our amazing realistic dinosaurs we really do bring this subject to life.

We bring a very wide range of real fossils inc teeth, bones, egg shells, ambers and also replica items.

We teach the children  many dinosaur facts and use a visual keynote including pictures and videos and its all about having fun whilst learning about subjects like 

  • Where they lived
  • How they became extinct 
  • How big or small they where
  • What they eat
  • What are fossils and so much more.

School Educational Dinosaur Workshops

Dinosaur workshop structure.

Our dinosaur school workshops here.