Online weekly dinosaur workshops

Every week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday range of Chris holds his very own online workshops. These include lots of dinosaur fun including meeting the baby dinosaurs, learning about fossils, learning about different species of dinosaur and even interactive online games. He interacts with the children using the online Facebook live and we create a private group for all those who wish to join.

He interacts with all the children and even has a little bit of a dance where he encourages everyone to join in even the parents. Each day he gives the children worksheets and tasks to complete to be ready for the next session where he shows some of his favourites. The workshops have been going very well where every week we have over 100 participants and we only ask you to pay per household not per child

The workshops for a full week Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:30am live in a private Facebook group are £12 including VAT and we feel that this is a very reasonable price for what you get so please join in and have a dino Tastic time

To book online simply click this link below.

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